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From the biggest stage performing for thousands, Dennis Lau epitomises a tireless work ethic that exudes style and quality. As Ah Lau Food King, he brings the same commitment to deliver 5-star quality food products right to your doorstep.

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Premium Food. Value Pricing. Freshness delivered to your door.


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Our products are quality controlled at the highest level for your enjoyment.


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Ah Lau Food King

At Ah Lau Food King, our fresh products are quality controlled for your ultimate enjoyment. We pride ourselves in delivering the best customer experience by offering convenient shopping options, fast delivery and exceptional customer support.
kampung chicken
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Antibiotics-Free Kampung Chicken 菜园鸡

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Ah Lau “Sibeh Atas” Premium Spanish Iberico Pork Collar

Sarawak Laksa by Ah Lau Food King
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Ah Lau “Limpeh Eat Already Feel Like U In Miri” Sarawak Laksa

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Ah Lau “Sibeh Eat Edi Confirm Hari Hari Mau” Sambal Belacan (250gm) – 100% Homemade

Freshly Frozen Minced Pork Meat
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Ah Lau “Sibeh Ez to Cook” Freshly Frozen Minced Pork Meat

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Ah Lau “Sibeh Gao Lat & Pekat” Curry Paste

Ah Lau Food King | 91bcf8bc 3239 4026 8deb 4d0226a9caba
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Ah Lau “Sibeh Healthy” Boneless Chicken Breast (2kg Pack)

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Ah Lau “Sibeh Smooth & Rare” Wild River Black Emperor Fish

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Ah Lau “Sibeh Solid Eat No Regrets” HK Recipe Prawn Base Lobak (500g)