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Ah Lau’s Sibeh Giant Bazhang With Abalone


6 Giant Biji Bazhang In 1 (One) Premium Packaging Pack – Only RM168 Nett

  • Sibeh Special Giant Bazhang With 3 Layer Pork 三层猪肉 & Abalone 鲍鱼 – RM28 Nett Per Biji | 6 Biji In 1 Premium Pack – Only RM168 Nett
  • Sibeh Limited Bazhangs Available | Accepting Pre-Orders Only
  • Limpeh Boil Water Hot Hot & Steam For 20 Minutes, Can Masuk Mulut Syiok Syiok Go To Heaven Liao!
  • If Bo Ho Jiak, Ah Lau Limpeh Diok Kuku!
  • Belum Cuba Belum Tahu, Sekali Cuba Hari Hari Mau, Sudah Cuba Jadi Harimau!
  • Ah Lau Suggest To Pair This Sibeh Giant Bazhang with Abalone With Ah Lau Sibeh Ons Supagila Hainanese Chilli Paste For That Extra Kick & Syiokness! – Confirm Mou Dak Deng!

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